[Dev] Remote Lemote for Parabola development

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Thu Nov 8 17:23:30 GMT 2012

> And certainly other stuff like stumpwm ... a yeelong with a stump and
> emacs should be great for the users :-)

We would most probably just need a stable stumpwm PKGBUILD, I haven't
seen it available in non-mips64el Parabola.  Since it's written in
Common Lisp and officially supports CLISP, there should be no problems.
Please don't use this thread for reporting packages you want to have
available, labs.parabola.nu has relevant projects.

> It would be useful, I will help you mtjm on some builds too, and afaik
> Emulatorman and is brother are ready too.

We need to discuss how to determine how we can help.
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