[Dev] Remote Lemote for Parabola development

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Wed Nov 7 21:35:27 GMT 2012

Richard Stallman <rms at gnu.org> writes:

> Would it be useful for the FSF to put a Lemote on the net
> for Parabola development?

I think we need hackers with access (possibly remote) to Lemote machines
who could port important packages with architecture-specific code
(compilers, runtime libraries and tools processing binaries have it;
gcc-go is indirectly required to build some packages, elfutils would
provide useful features in perf which could be used to profile the
graphics performance issues) or fix bugs like the performance issues
affecting all IceWeasel releases since 10.0 or the WebKit crashes (which
occur only in optimized builds).

I don't remember anyone on the IRC channel able and willing to help with
these issues while unable to due to not having a Lemote machine, this
needs specific experience which isn't common here.

We have many outdated packages, when a single developer keeps their
YeeLoong compiling the packages for several days, nearly only ones
having build errors are left outdated (or ones depending on them).  Not
all of them we are able to fix (like newer versions of packages needed
dependencies compiled using gcc-go; IceWeasel).

Many packages fail build due to changes in dependencies (usually glibc
or gcc not accepting some non-standard-compliant code) or due to
requiring Java or other not available yet dependencies.  I think these
would be easier and quicker to fix on x86 machines first.  (Similarly
various issues with the tools we use for building packages.)

There are also the graphics performance issues that no one here can fix
and that most probably need a local machine for debugging.

I have my own YeeLoong and I tried to fix some of the issues I described
above (and fixed some simpler ones).  Opinions of other developers would
be more useful in this case.  I also don't know the wider goals of the
project well, nor the needs of other users.
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