[Dev] About DuckDuckGo offer to Parabola...

Prakash Swaminathan prakash at duckduckgo.com
Thu Nov 1 06:04:01 GMT 2012

Hi Luke,

 1. By default, we include "Duck Duck Go (Lite)", *not*
>     "Duck Duck Go". The non-lite DDG was formerly included, but
>     removed because it did not meet our policies (point 3 below).
>     It was my understanding that an effort had been made to work with
>     you to meet our policies before it was removed.  If not, we would
>     love to start now.

Do you remember who you spoke with?

>  2. Does DDG Lite qualify for revenue sharing? AFAICT, DDG Lite does
>     not include ads, so I would assume "no".

Yes, there aren't any ads on the Lite version, which rules out revenue
sharing till we start showing ads, which might take a while.

>  3. In order for the non-lite DDG to be included in Parabola, all
>     JavaScript used must be available under a Free Software license,
>     as defined by the FSF.  Preferrably, it also should get through
>     the LibreJS browser plugin[1].
> [1] <http://www.gnu.org/software/librejs/>.

I think we use YUI, but will need to check.

In any case, we appreciate the fact that Parabola uses DuckDuckGo as it's
default and would like to send over DuckDuckGo tshirts.

Can you please send over the tshirt sizes and mailing address for the
Parabola dev team?

Kind regards,
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