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Follow-up Comment #12, bug #28169 (project gnewsense):

I've optimized pixman quite a bit with Loongson's multimedia instructions,
using the existing MMX code. See

They're available in pixman-0.25.6 and will be in the pixman-0.26.0 stable

Further optimization work includes
 - Bilinear/nearest scaling compositing functions for pixman, which are
*really* important for Firefox performance
 - Optimized xf86XVCopyPacked for Xv performance. Really, I think pixman
should grow support for all these YUV-type formats, and the code in the X
server should go away
 - There may be some way to improve XAA performance that's regressed a lot
the last few years, but I don't know if this is doable

Then, there's the work of simply getting the upstream X server working on

It would help me if someone could tell me what the differences are between
upstream 1.7.6 siliconmotion driver and the 2.2.8 version -- and why the
changes in the 2.2.8 driver aren't upstream?


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