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Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Fri May 25 19:09:49 GMT 2012


(Not CC-ing the mipsel list, probably all its subscribers are also
subscribed to the dev list.)

> And because I'm not very happy with gNewSense, Ubuntu-philosophy, I would
> like to test ArchLinux-Libre, kiss philosophy!

All gNewSense versions working on mipsel are based on Debian, unsure
what Ubuntu philosophy is there (although its Debianness is one of my
reasons to use Parabola).

> And for 1 month I'm using Parabola (parabola-mips64el-20120304) I'm very
> happy
> with it.

If you update it, there should be no need to remember the base tarball
version (although there are some noticeable bugs in most base tarballs
which can be quickly fixed).

> I have not used yet testing packages, only base, libre, community and some
> compiled software myself, like dfu-util to flash FreeRunner and
> xbboot+usbboot for the Ben-NanoNote.

The "testing" repo is not used for mips64el, it would probably only have
non-architecture-specific packages from Arch.

> And now I would want to contribute to make it better, known, ...

What do you know or want to learn for contributing?  There are many
problems which could be easily fixed by someone knowing bash or C; I've
seen also some packages that could benefit from assembly optimizations
or that need implementing MIPS-specific functionality.  If you build any
of our packages, you will probably find some possible improvements in
the documentation on wiki or in the packaging scripts.
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