[Dev] New mirror

Aurélien aurelien at cwb.io
Tue May 22 12:01:37 GMT 2012

Andrey Korobkov <korobkov at fryxell.info> writes:

> Hello, all
> I propose my new "on demand" parabola repo mirror
> https://parabola.fryxell.info to official mirrorlist.
> The machine is only 14*7 now (not 24*7 yet, it's planned just after next hardware upgrade),
> but fauno says it still could be useful...
> Work hours: 8.00 - 22.00 (UTC+4), but I usually go sleep some hours later ;)
> Network: dual-stack (IPv6 via Hurricane Electric's tunnel + IPv4) with static IPs.
> Connectivity: unlimited 20Mbit/s symmetric FTTB line.
> HTTPS CACert fingerprint: SHA1 03:1C:66:7D:40:3E:9B:C8:D0:65:8E:80:01:6A:A7:57:CF:67:7A:51
> # Location: Ulyanovsk, Russia
> # Responsible: 4096R/177A2DB9EA08BF5D Andrey Korobkov <korobkov at fryxell.info>
> Server = https://parabola.fryxell.info/$repo/os/$arch
> #also available as plain http Server = http://parabola.fryxell.info/$repo/os/$arch

Seems to works fine!

Is it normal that it mirror just 


and not the rest of repositories?

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