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RISCi_ATOM bob at bobcall.me
Mon May 21 19:26:40 GMT 2012

On 05/20/2012 02:24 PM, Richard Stallman wrote:
>     . A speach at the Faculty of Pasquale Paoli
>     . A yeelong install party with a hacker from Parabola (for the new
>     student of computing of the faculty (and offer a yeelong to each
>     student(if possible (Éric?))))
> Someone is trying to install Parabola for me on an Yeeloong and finds
> a number of problems.  He wants to help fix them.
> Can you buy Yeeloongs now?  They are no longer made.
> Do you know of a source of Yeeloongs, or are you just assuming?
>     P.S.: Éric ... un barbecue à la maison te tenterais?

This thread / message seems to be broken so I will cut to the chance. I 
am working to make parabola GNU/Linux more usable for RMS. At this point 
in time I am setting up a build server and work environment for 
cross-compiling packages. Once I have successfully built Parabola, I am 
going to move on to build packages that are not yet part of the mips64el 
build of Parabola.

As for other having a lemote for testing, I am playing with qemu and 
figuring out the best practice for setting up a public mips64el instance 
of parabola for those who do not seem to have the resources to emulate 
the Lemote Yeeloong. I will make an announcement when I have this up and 

Robert Call(Bob)
FSF Member #8115

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