[Dev] Hello everyone

RISCi_ATOM bob at bobcall.me
Fri May 18 01:29:04 GMT 2012

Hello everyone,
Sorry for cluttering your dev list with this intro message, but I will 
try to make it brief. I am RISCi_ATOM and I would like to help improve 
the  mips64el build of Parabola. I have someone interested in using 
Parabola in a desktop production environment, but it does not seem to
work for their needs at this point in time. My goal is to make 
contributions to the project that help meet the needs of the previously 
mentioned person and help the project in general.

I believe the project is going in the right direction as far as I can 
see and hope to help make it even better.

Robert Call(Bob)
FSF Member #8115

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