[Dev] Icedove-libre is now available on [libre] repo

André Silva andre.paulista at adinet.com.uy
Thu May 10 22:23:29 GMT 2012

Em 10-05-2012 18:36, Luke T.Shumaker escreveu:
> At Wed, 09 May 2012 09:59:49 +0200,
> Michał Masłowski wrote:
>>> Debian Icedove exists for two purposes; because of the trademark
>>> issues, and in order to meet Debian quality standards, but this
>>> program is not free because contains non-free addons and non-free
>>> searchplugins.
>> aren't searchplugins trivial files stating how to access an
>> external search engine (we don't run these, so they have different
>> problems than free or nonfree software)?
> Some of the "default" searchplugin files (trivial XML files) employ
> non-free or non-privacy-friendly network services.
> Because multiple Mozilla-based programs were all implementing their
> own list of "libre searchplugins", we now have "mozilla-searchplugins"
> on libre (used by Iceweasel and IceCat).
> Not urgent, but when the next package of icedove is being released, it
> should symlink /usr/lib/icedove/searchplugins to
> /usr/mozilla/searchplugins, and add 'mozilla-searchplugins' as a
> depenency.
> ~ Luke Shumaker
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Thanks Lukeshu, i will rebuild a new release for Icedove with our

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