[Dev] Votation to put [games] repo on our distro

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Tue May 1 09:37:51 GMT 2012

> a) Create [games] to have libre games packages on it
> b) Create a repo for games but with other name eg: gamers, videogames...
> (put a name in this option that you recommends)
> c) Don't create repo, it is not necessary (explain the motives about it)

d) Don't create new repos, move all packages not from Arch to [libre].

There are games in [extra], [community], [libre] and maybe other repos.
Some packages include games, but are mainly used for other purposes
(e.g. emacs).  We won't change this, so instead of three repos with
games we will have four.  How would this be beneficial?

(The same applies to [artistic], [social] and maybe other repos.)

Users need to list more repos in their pacman.conf, this change makes
searching for packages less convenient.  There are some uses for repos
like [testing], they don't apply in case of new packages not replacing
other packages.

Or don't call this distro "simple".
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