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André Silva andre.paulista at adinet.com.uy
Wed Mar 21 15:16:08 GMT 2012

Em 21-03-2012 10:13, Nicolás Reynolds escreveu:
> are they?
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they were eliminated because those packages are from kdenetwork group
package on extra that has non-free kopete. We are the same packages on
libre repo into kdenetwork-libre group with kopete-libre, for me it is
better to put on the blacklist also groups which include non-free
packages, not just the programs, as they have advised or non-free
packages in the group. I'm eliminating replicates packages becauseit is
confusing to users when consulting packages in the package database or
when executing pacman -Si, eg: virtualbox-modules had in Community and
Libre, many users installed the package from Community and flagged it as
obsolete as our package :(

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