[Dev] [loongson-dev] Re: Build IceCat for Lemote Yeeloong?

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Tue Jul 10 15:41:04 GMT 2012

>     Parabola seems like the way forward. Gentoo also has some
>     development happening, but they have not gotten the install to a
>     point that even a pretty experienced Gentoo developer I know can
>     do it. I have a Gentoo dev who owes me a physical hard drive with
>     an install, but it's been months and haven't gotten it back yet :-

When I tried installing both distros in early 2011, the difference in
difficulty was that Parabola included built kernels working on the
YeeLoong, while for Gentoo I needed a kernel from gNewSense metad (most
documentation I found at that time recommended crossbuilding kernels).

> Anyone know if it is possible/easy/how to compile mipsel o32 ABI
> binaries from an n32 ABI based GNU/Linux distribution?

It is theoretically possible, needs all libraries used available for o32
and the -mabi GCC option.  Gentoo offers multilib stages which could
make it easier (never tried them, used only n32).  Parabola doesn't
include any o32 binaries and I believe it would be too difficult to
support both ABIs at once there.  A probably more common solution is to
use a chroot with the target distribution to build the package (not much
harder than using debootstrap; both gNewSense metad and Parabola kernels
can run binaries of both ABIs).
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