[Dev] [issue366] [libretools] [mips64el] Shared libraries updates break packages.

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Mon Jan 30 11:16:08 GMT 2012

> You can also temporarily extract files under binary directories and make
> a database of linked libraries, then compare. When something's missing,
> a binary just broke.

I wanted to check all files if they have ELF's magic number, warn if
they aren't in typical binary directories, and parse them for names of
needed libraries.

> Example:
> mplayer-libre links to x264:
> $ ldd mplayer
>   /usr/lib/libx264.so.8
> ^ store that

ldd will list a library for all programs using it or other libraries
using it.  Using ld's option --as-needed usually removes these
dependencies, so e.g. a libpng update won't require rebuilding all
programs using typical GUI libraries (but not libpng directly).  Parsing
ELFs will give better results.

> Look for /usr/lib/libx264.so.8 on file database. If missing, mplayer is
> broken. This can be done in a relational database fashion to have
> immediate results instead of individual checking.

It would be nice to check if it's in a package required (in depends or
opt depends, maybe of another required package) by mplayer.

> There's an Arch script that checks repositories health. Maybe it does
> this already? It's on dbscripts.git, if you're subscribe to
> arch-dev-public you'll see the reports.

I'll check it.
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