[Dev] [issue352] [truecrypt] Package is non-free

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Sat Jan 28 17:02:02 GMT 2012

aloniv added the comment:

In the Apache license the term "no-charge" appears as well in regards to granting users the right to 
redistribute and modify the software and use the patents without needing to pay money to the 
developers of the software (see http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0). In the TrueCrypt 
license the wording isn't quite as clear. The Truecrypt license seems also problematic from other 
aspects, since it uses the confusing "intellectual property" phrase, discusses use of different names 
for the software in the modification section instead of in the trademarks section (where it belongs) 
and claims to be free software and open source (despite not being recognised as either) in the 
trademarks section.

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