[Dev] [issue370] [mips64el] don't have unnecessary repos in abslibre-pre-mips64el and abslibre-mips64el

Joshua Ismael Haase Hernandez hahj87 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 15:55:39 GMT 2012

On Fri, 27 Jan 2012 13:43:45 +0000, Michał Masłowski (Parabola Issue Tracker) <bugs at parabolagnulinux.org> wrote:
> New submission from Michał Masłowski:
> Currently mips64el packaging is done mostly with abslibre-mips64el, a repo of
> PKGBUILDs from x86_64 abs tree (in abslibre-pre-mips64el) with changes done by
> mips64el packagers.  This has several problems:

I'd like to have just one abs location (including all Archlinux
packages, our abslibre and abslibre-mips64el) organized like
ABSROOT/pkgname. We could automatically update from abs in an «arch»
branch and update automatically packages wich need only to add mips64el
(this could be extensible to other arches).

For PKGBUILDS which need more changes it may be good to have a different
file named PKGBUILD.mips64el (or .$arch) and instead of a different repo
for testing a testing folder or a testing-PKGBUILD.

Ideally I think the best thing is to have a git repo per pkgbase and
sync everything with a tool like «git-repo» from google or «gits». That
way we could have contributors to a single packages and they wouldn't
have to download all abs.

Thats for maintaining abs. We could use traditional abs to build using
libretools unchanged.

> - boring and bug-prone merge is needed for an update from
> abslibre-pre-mips64el

In most cases this would be an automatic cherry pick and when more
changes are needed it would be a manual process.

> - many changes and some conflicts above are caused by repos not used on
> mips64el, e.g. staging, testing, multilib

I think we shouldn't manage repos as folders, and agree we have no need
to have «multilib» packages if we are maintaining just mips64el. We
could have a script to download packages from selected repos and arches. 

> - abslibre's changes aren't properly versioned in abslibre-mips64el, just saved
> daily without original commits

I try to use librecommit which makes that, our automatic script could
commit using librecommit too thus making easy this versioning.

> - changing libre packages for use on other arches needs a separate repo, not
> used for mips64el building

This I don't get it

> - we need to merge mips64el-specific changes in our repos like libre, while
> there is no need for that

This wouldn't be needed either in the system I propose because mips64el
specific changes would be in a different file.

> - we sometimes fix non-mips64el-specific problems in libre which are later
> needed on x86_64

Again this would be solved.

> I recommend changing the scripts updating abslibre-pre-mips64el, so it only has
> the core, extra and community repos; merging all useful changes done for
> mips64el in Parabola-specific repos from abslibre-mips64el to abslibre; using
> abslibre directly also for mips64el packaging of packages from non-Arch repos.

Agreed, in the meantime of getting this reorganization we shouldn't
merge those repos.
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