[Dev] [issue212] [icecat] 6.0 or later doesn't restore tabs

Luke Shumaker (Parabola Issue Tracker) bugs at parabolagnulinux.org
Fri Jan 27 03:33:14 GMT 2012

Luke Shumaker added the comment:

This is not a problem with Iceweasel.

However, it is still a problem with IceCat, which we still package, so I
hesitate to call it resolved. I really do believe that it is a bug in upstream,
not our end, so I'd be happy with a "wont-fix", but we don't seem to have that.

I wrote a patch that I think will fix it (and v9.0.1's other bugs), but I
haven't tested it. I haven't built it because it breaks libre.patch, and I
haven't had time to fix that.

For the sake of getting it out there:

It's pretty massive (half a meg!), and probably is a little wrong, when I have
more time and don't have more pressing issues (Iceweasel makes it less
important), I'll do a more thorough review of it. Most of the changes in my
patch are to reduce differences between it and Firefox; I need to take a closer
look at make.icecat.

Also, I repackaged the branding, but I should take a few pointers from how
Debian did it. (Makefiles and all)

I do intend to file these upstream as

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