[Dev] [issue366] [libretools] [mips64el] Shared libraries updates break packages.

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Thu Jan 26 19:54:03 GMT 2012

> We could implement both options: Checking while building AND checking
> while updating repos.

How will we check while building?  I don't see an effective way to do
this without knowing which libraries were in the previous version of the

> What changes would be needed to implement the algorithm on Issue224?

It's not clear from the algorithm's description how to implement it,
I'll think about it after the weekend.

I could try implementing a script to check a single package, using a
database shared between multiple runs.  Would using Python and SQLite be
a problem for this?

Checking while updating would be done by running the script on each new
upload and sending its output to a list.  I don't know exactly which
scripts do this, maybe db-update or something used in it.

Checking while building could use the script with maybe a different
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