[Dev] [issue366] [libretools] [mips64el] Shared libraries updates break packages.

Michał Masłowski (Parabola Issue Tracker) bugs at parabolagnulinux.org
Thu Jan 26 18:34:17 GMT 2012

Michał Masłowski added the comment:

It's not mips64el-specific, I often find this problem with texlive-bin-libre
(mplayer-libre is also a victim of this problem, but this could be fixed by
replacing it with mplayer2).  Therefore checking reverse dependencies when
building a package won't solve this, since we don't build all packages.

Issue224 describes a generic way to find such problems, changing scripts
updating the repo instead of the building ones.  With another set of repos for
breaking updates and a list for notifications of updates being added there, it
would be easy to solve this problem.

status: unread -> chatting

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