[Dev] Suggestions for the Parabola's Project

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Mon Jan 16 15:25:14 GMT 2012

> Hi for all, due to the problems that we had in those days in the
> English Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parabola_GNU/Linux
> where our articles were changed without respecting our principles. 

This can be fixed by making free software a majority view in "reliable

> *   Put in the main page a clear statement that Parabola rejects the
>   philosophy of "open source" by not cover the political issue of the
>   user's freedom and that you do not know (or don't want to know) if
>   all the Parabola's software are "open source" or not, but do
>   everything possible to ensure that everything is free.

With a link to [0].

(The inclusion of GNU documentation is a clear argument against
considering all Parabola packages open source, but probably no open
source fan has only open source software on their machine, so it's not a
useful argument.)

> Then, if Parabola is called as "open source OS" would be false
> information for the users.

Understanding "open source OS" as an operating system consisting mostly
of open source programs, Parabola is an "open source OS" (especially if
FreeBSD or Minix is an operating system, I've been reading a book
suggesting otherwise).  This depends entirely on editor's point of view,
so they will prefer the mainstream "neutral" point of view.

> *   Make a version with Hurd, or BSD kernel, and that Parabola is
>   called as "GNU distribution" that featuring multiple kernels.

And maybe do more to promote other GNU programs, like Guile.

> Then, if Parabola is called as "Linux Distribution" would be false
> information for the users.

Then "Parabola GNU/Linux" will be called a "Linux distribution".

These ideas could also help with Parabola's notability:

- publish peer-reviewed scientific articles using abslibre-mips64el.git
  e.g. for static analysis of packages

- help Parabola GNU/Social, it looks like most innovative part of the
  project (I don't know other projects than FreedomBox which aim to make
  having servers for federated network services easy)

- have an ARM port, make it an optimal distro for a freedom-respecting

- promote using Parabola in specific notable areas or organizations

(And doing these would certainly benefit free software.)

[0] https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/open-source-misses-the-point.html
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