[Dev] about new packagers and personal repos

André Silva andre.paulista at adinet.com.uy
Mon Feb 20 08:13:46 GMT 2012

Em 20-02-2012 01:49, Nicolás Reynolds escreveu:
> since i've been receiving a few queries about becoming a parabola
> packager and having access to a personal repo (the [~people] kind of
> repos), i'd like us to discuss a few guidelines so everything is clear
> :)
> situation so far:
> to be a packager you need a pair of ssh and gpg keys. ssh is needed to
> access the repo server and to upload packages, and the gpg key is
> required for signing them.
> db-update refuses to release packages if they're unsigned, but it
> doesn't perform validity checks. this is pretty simple to implement so
> it may be done in a few days if no one beats me to it. make sure to post
> your gpg key to a keyserver (any but pgp.mit.edu).
> we have been giving repo access to people we know from the irc channel.
> for a [repo] to show on parabolaweb an admin (currently encyclomundi and
> i, iirc) has to create a new repo on the django admin page. it also has
> to be *commited* to the main dbscripts.git repo after including it on
> the config file, so it can be pulled on the web server. from then on, a
> cronjob takes care of including new packages to parabolaweb database.
> / end of situation
> so what do you think? :)

It's a good idea :)

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