[Dev] Mirror script

Johannes Krampf johannes.krampf at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 13 21:59:23 GMT 2012


this is the script I use for mirroring:

As mentioned earlier, it works by getting a file list from the repo 
databases and downloading packages not yet on the local computer.

It's written for Python 2, please adjust the shebang to "python2" on 
Arch based distributions. It should be possible to convert to Python 3 
using 2to3, but I have not tested it.

Since the scripts spends most of the run time with I/O and calls to 
C-libraries, threading can help speed execution up. 2 threads should be 
safe on a dual core processor if you are not disk or network 
constrained. Although I have not tested with more than 2 threads, you 
may want to raise the chunk size with more threads.

- Johannes

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