[Dev] a project manager for parabola?

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Mon Feb 6 19:44:00 GMT 2012

> a few days ago i installed chili[0] for our local hacklab project
> management. i was thinking it would be useful for parabola, not only as
> an issue tracker[1] but also as whole project manager for the community,
> if we organize "workflows" on a democratic fashion.

Which specific problems can it solve more easily than our separate issue
tracker, lists, git repos and wiki?

> for instance guys at the irc channel are talking about working on a hurd
> port, on chili it would be a matter of creating a new project for it.

The mips64el port has a separate (unpopular) mailing list, separate git
repo (although some changes aren't done there), otherwise all resources
are shared with other ports.  I don't see how having it separated would
be easier (unless we get too many mails/bugs to read all of them).

> [1]: there're some glitches with our current bug tracker

Which ones?  Will they be fixed by replacing the tracker?

Having two separate trackers "living" at once is a bad solution, so we
would need to migrate the existing one.  Can this be done easily
(i.e. by running a single script which can be easily tested) preserving
its whole history?  (This would avoid the difficulties with wiki

I know the following problems with our current tracker:

- I don't know how to state there that a bug is a duplicate or
  [reverse-]dependency of another bug (i.e. it's not obvious, not
  documented or too different from other trackers)

- probably easy to fix problems with mail/IRC notifications

- it uses different names for some metadata than most other trackers
  known to me (it's a problem, since tracker's use being difficult for
  users of other trackers will lead to unreported bugs)

- our bug workflow is more complex than currently stated, e.g.:

                                 /> i686 building     -> testing \
  unread -> chatting -> patching -> x86_64 building   -> testing  > resolved
                                 \> mips64el building -> testing /

  in case of KDE-related or texlive-bin-libre bugs.

  (We have different sets of builders for each arch, notifying them and
  formally marking that it's being done could make this process easier.)
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