[Dev] a project manager for parabola?

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Mon Feb 6 19:23:58 GMT 2012

a few days ago i installed chili[0] for our local hacklab project
management. i was thinking it would be useful for parabola, not only as
an issue tracker[1] but also as whole project manager for the community,
if we organize "workflows" on a democratic fashion.

for instance guys at the irc channel are talking about working on a hurd
port, on chili it would be a matter of creating a new project for it.

and it has email notifications (which are really important for me), git
integration, etc.

imo it provides a level of self-organization that's missing from wikis,
were you have to take some time to use a template, etc.

this is the instance i installed: https://lab.hackcoop.com.ar

[0]: http://chiliproject.org
[1]: there're some glitches with our current bug tracker
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