[Dev] [issue382] gstreamer0.10-fluengo and derivates

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Mon Feb 6 00:45:53 GMT 2012

New submission from Jristz:


if you read the licence the part 2.iv
and the part 3>

for other part the binary buildable *in AUR( exist..but those 2 paragraphs not
fill a  Full-free-open-sofware

rely my knowledge of english are not complety  for underestand this
but tath i underestand is taht tose tow paragrafs not fully complete a

and finaly this wikipedia article aclaim that is realy a propetary software

this ...wath you thing

keyword: packages, unfree
messages: 1497
nosy: Jristz, dev_list
priority: urgent
status: chatting
title: gstreamer0.10-fluengo and derivates

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