[Dev] Compiling a kernel on yeeloong

bromley at lavabit.com bromley at lavabit.com
Mon Dec 17 11:11:46 GMT 2012

> you can also ask questions on the parabola list i'm cc'ing now and also
> our irc channel #parabola on freenode.

Actually, I've already asked(0), but nobody replied.

> sure, you can see our build scripts here[0], start by checking the
> PKGBUILD if you haven't use makepkg before.

I'm not a fan of PKGBUILD because it feels like extra work. I'd prefer
the traditional method(1).

Note that I'm trying to compile this version(2) (3.4.23). The only
problem I'm facing is the lack of loongson-specific files. Looks like
that this tarball(3) can solve the problem, but it's not signed. It
looks suspicious. Is there a signed tarball?


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