[Dev] New project: gNewSenseToMips-3A

Samy Boutayeb s.boutayeb at free.fr
Wed Dec 5 22:22:18 GMT 2012


I am glad to announce the creation of the gNewSenseToMips-3A project
[1], which aim is to port the GNU/Linux GNewSense distribution on the
Loongson 3A hardware, beginning with the 3A laptop.

This project enjoys the support from Loongson, which developed the 3A
cpu, from Lemote, which manufactured the 3A platforms, and from an
international network of free software/hardware hackers and developers.

We will appreciate your contribution.

Let's discuss and share on this free hardware/software project in the
loongson-dev group [2], for hardware related issues, and in the
gnewsense-dev group [3], for gnewsense related issues.

Kind regards

samy boutayeb

[1] http://gnewsense.org/Projects/GNewSenseToMIPS-3A

[2] http://groups.google.com/group/loongson-dev/

[3] http://lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/gnewsense-dev/

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