[Dev] texlive-core-libre fonts

Daniel Martí mvdan at mvdan.cc
Sat Dec 1 23:48:29 GMT 2012

Hello everyone,

I've been using moderncv with latex (pdflatex) for quite a while. I
hadn't updated my CV since switching to Parabola, though. It was quite a
surprise to see it didn't succeed like it did in Arch.

Basically the issue is:
! I can't find file `ecrm1095'.

The file is listed in the Arch package texlive-core:

I suppose you removed /usr/share/texmf-dist/fonts/source/jknappen/ along
with many other directories when making the libre version of

My question is: Why were they removed? After some research it seems like
jknappen is released under the GPL; see http://www.ctan.org/pkg/jknappen
(It's the fonts inside the package that we're talking about).

What was the policy you followed when removing parts of texlive-core? Is
there any reason why jknappen's fonts should be kept away from
parabola's repos?

Thank you for your time.

Daniel Martí - mvdan at mvdan.cc - GPG 0x58BF72C3
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