[Dev] parabola inquiry

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Thu Aug 30 17:49:46 GMT 2012

Wally, please reply directly to me or subscribe to the mailing list,
otherwise others won't be able to read you. I'm replying your questions
below :)

> Hi Nicolas,
> Yes I did receive your IRC channel # from a helpful support member of
> gNewSense. I've been looking for a good distro for music productopn
> applications as well as everyday computer use. This field is amazing
> with way too many choices. I was interested in your distro as it was
> recommended by FSF. http://www.gnu.org/distros/free-distros.html
> I have tried unsuccessfully to install Ubuntu on my Dual Pentium III
> system. Tried multiple fixes that did not work. Just gave up and began
> to explore the other choices out there. I was initially directed to
> Ubuntu from a friend but knew little about GNU/Linux. After days of
> research I am well grounded (or at least getting better) in
> understanding the whole GNU/Linux thing. The choices are amazing!
> A few questions please:
> #1 Why is your distro based on Arch?

Most of us were Arch users before starting hacking on Parabola, we liked
it technically but were troubled with its lack of software freedom
> #2 Can Parabola run just about any GNU/Linux based free software?

The package system is quite simple so it's fairly easy to contribute new
> #3 How is Parabola different from a Debian based distro?

Parabola doesn't do anything for you, the whole system is in your hands
to build!
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