[Dev] [Fsf-Debian] Comparison with Parabola

Quiliro Ordóñez quiliro at congresolibre.org
Thu Aug 16 20:52:05 GMT 2012

El 05/08/12 03:23, Ramana Kumar escribió:
> OK It appears I misunderstood Parabola somehow. Thanks for the replies! :)
> One remaining question I have there is: if everything in Parabola
> repositories is free, then what is the point of the your-freedom
> package?
It is an extra safe measure to tell the user s/he has installed a 
non-free package from somewhere else. It is useful to remind the user 
his/her freedom is at peril.
> But I don't want to discuss that too much on fsf-collab-discuss - we
> can resume on a Parabola list (I subscribe to dev).
> May I redirect this topic to my question pertaining to Debian:
> Can Debian achieve FSF's view of being a free distribution (relatively
> easily) by doing something akin to a your-freedom package?

That would not make Debian FSF free. It would warn the users that they 
have installed a non-free package that they have. In case the Debian 
version of your-freedom package is up to date and correct it would be 
great to include that package.

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