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Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Fri Apr 27 23:57:53 GMT 2012

hey, thanks for writing! but parabola not being functional is not true,
it has always been (though we break things from time to time for fun(!))

pass by our irc channel, we are very friendly ;)

#parabola on irc.freenode.net

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> Hello,
>        I'm a new user to Arch and I read your entry in one of the forums on being a Parabola developer. I find the Arch forums an interesting place. I hear that Parabola is not fully developed into a whole OS, but is in the process of becoming one. Do you think there would be anything to gain by setting up a Parabola forum, separate from the Arch one? Getting people talking about it in an environment for free sofware sound like a wonderful thing to me, since so many of the Arch users were only interested in technical stuff and convenience, rather than in our freedom.
>        I was watching an interview with Richard Stallman on youtube. Have you ever heard of the Linux Action Show? It was on that. It was so neat to hear the guy being 100% honest, even if he knew that it would offend somebody. I find that kind of behavior so refreshing. I try to be honest with people, myself, whenever I can.
>       If one were made, hopefully it wouldn't need a whole lot of categories. It could just be simple. Thank you for listening.
> Louis
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