[Dev] [Maintenance] mp3 codec in mplayer

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Mon Apr 23 18:06:50 GMT 2012

> I don't know if this is the right mailinglist, so if I'am wrong, pleas let me
> know.

Use the dev list; maintenance is mainly not for human-written posts and
has less subscribers who can answer your questions.

> AFAIK is mp3 a nonfree codec, isn't it?

MP3 is a specification, so it cannot be free or nonfree software.  LAME
is a free software implementation of MP3, so it's ok.  MP3 is patented,
we don't remove it for this reason since software patents aren't valid
in most non-USA jurisdictions and most complex programs could use
patented techniques.  Most decisions on inclusion or not of software
From Arch in Parabola are based on the FSDG, it doesn't require removing
software infringing patents for similar reasons [0].

[0] https://www.gnu.org/distros/free-system-distribution-guidelines.html#patents
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