[Dev] mariadb archlinux version is on blacklist...

André Silva andre.paulista at adinet.com.uy
Mon Apr 23 17:49:55 GMT 2012

mariadb archlinux version decided doesn't includes "libmariadbclient"
and "mariadb-clients", very stupid in my opinion, because mariadb has
the same source code base than mysql.
What is the logic to use mariadb if this package uses "mysqlclient" and
For that, in this case it is better to continue using mysql as it
contains the complete kit. it's not a true alternative.
I tested with all programs, and doesn't problem with them.
So, I consider incomplete and poor package to use on our distro and
added to blacklist until that the mariadb archlinux version will include
"libmariadbclient" and "mariadb-clients".

Here is bug report related about it.


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