[Dev] Votation to put yafaray and aqsis packages on determinate repo

coadde coadde at adinet.com.uy
Wed Apr 18 05:52:37 GMT 2012

> Hi Parabolers, my brother is creating yafaray and aqsis packages to put
> on Parabola. Those packages are very necessary for artists to work on 3d
> renders and are awesome complements for blender. Those packages are 100%
> freedom!
> So, we open a votation for you (Paraboler) choose in which repo should
> to go those packages:
> 1 option: put packages on artistic repo
> 2 option: put it on social repo
> 3 option: put it on libre repo
> 4 option: put it on a custom repo choosen by community
> 5 option: put it on graphic repo
> 6 option: put it on media repo
Hi, I'm emulatorman's brother, i resolved problem my e-mail with mail
list, so i want to put my vote.

+1 for artistic repo

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