[Dev] Votation to put yafaray and aqsis packages on determinate repo

André Silva andre.paulista at adinet.com.uy
Wed Apr 18 05:00:48 GMT 2012

Hi Parabolers, my brother is creating yafaray and aqsis packages to put
on Parabola. Those packages are very necessary for artists to work on 3d
renders and are awesome complements for blender. Those packages are 100%

So, we open a votation for you (Paraboler) choose in which repo should
to go those packages:

1 option: put packages on artistic repo
2 option: put it on social repo
3 option: put it on libre repo
4 option: put it on a custom repo choosen by community
5 option: put it on graphic repo
6 option: put it on media repo

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