[Dev] [GNU-linux-libre] virtualenvs offer non-free way a libre solution?

Aurélien gnu.tek at gmx.com
Sun Apr 15 20:58:37 GMT 2012

gnu.tek at gmx.com (Aurélien) writes:

> gnu.tek at gmx.com (Aurélien) writes:
>> Nicolás Reynolds <fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar> writes:
>>> On Sun, 15 Apr 2012 13:01:10 +0200, gnu.tek at gmx.com (=?utf-8?Q?Aur=C3=A9lien?=) wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I have recently install a plone website from virtualenvs, but it seems
>>>> that it offer some non-free software from http://pypi.python.org/pypi
>>>> i have tried to find a solution to free it and it seems it's possible
>>>> via modfifying install.py of the
>>>> ~/.vir*/*/lib/pyt*/site-packages/pip*/pip/commands/install.py
>>>> But it seems to need a solution like a form of repository.
>>>> http://peak.telecommunity.com/DevCenter/EasyInstall#package-index-api
>>>> Since all free distro seems to be concerned by this trouble, maybe the
>>>> best should to start a free project from the https://savannah.gnu.org
>>> are virtualenvs needed? they're a pain in the ass... this also happen
>>> with ruby gems though the huge majority are mit/bsd-like licensed (but
>>> they don't have a 'license' field afaict) 
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>> Well ...
>> The guy of #django-cms told me to use it to install django-cms and it's
>> true that when you make some python stuff ... working in a virtualenv is
>> really a nice thing ... to compare is a bit like the interest of the
>> chroot. (no destruction is possible!)
>> Well at this time i am working on it to try to find a free way ... and
>> have great hope in a working solution, the trouble is that it will
>> represent lot of stuff (for the database itself not the code which will
>> return an error to the user trying to install non free stuff).
>> (because i have not the knowledge for automation)
>> Well i prefer try than let that fall in the blacklisted hole ... (well
>> if one of you told me there is no trouble with it ... i will say Cool
>> but it seems that you can really install non free stuff from that ... a
>> bit like with firefox)
>> I think that it is not a trouble for Parabola only, but all free distro
>> are concerned by the python pypi.
>> A possible solution should be at this time (but represent lot of stuff
>> on cleaning the page (htm)) ::
>> install the python virtualenv
>> modify ~/.vir*/*/lib/pyt*/site-packages/pip*/pip/commands/install.py
>> you should modify the search.py to
>> on the line corresponding to the target website
>>>>> import py_compile
>>>>> py_compile.compile('install.py')
>> to replace the .pyc corresponding
>> then copy modify the http://pypi.python.org/simple/
>> and the page correspondant to each software
>> keep the md5 (needed as explain
>> http://peak.telecommunity.com/DevCenter/EasyInstall#package-index-api) 
>> well if one of you have a better and more simple solution, like
>> automation on keeping free software of the pypi ... that should be the
>> best ... or maybe knows an already working solution.
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> tranmission from another mail of the dev at parabolagnulinux.org mailing list ::
> --text follows this line--
> mtjm at mtjm.eu (Michał Masłowski) writes:
>>> are virtualenvs needed? they're a pain in the ass... this also happen
>>> with ruby gems though the huge majority are mit/bsd-like licensed (but
>>> they don't have a 'license' field afaict) 
>> The problem is that pip, distribute and maybe other packages by default
>> use a package index listing nonfree software.
>> Being able to use these tools in a free distro to install free software
>> is needed for Python programmers or users of packages not packaged in
>> the distro.  Python Web applications and framework probably often
>> recommend installing them via pip or similar tools, not by using distro
>> packages.
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Some more information with possible rebranding to free issue ::

This link should be replaced by a free repository

pip/commands/install.py (pypi.python.org/simple) line 52
pip/commands/search.py (pypi.python.org/simple) line 25
pip/index.py (last.pypi.python.org) line 29

index.py also suggest line 351 and 352 to keep the name simple (maybe we can change here to free) which mean a possible complete and correct rebranding to freedom

end of visiting /pip and /pip/commands

it seems we need a sort of repository like last.pypi.python.org + free list + modifying the source codes as above.

(hope that tomorow i'll can continue the test ... but my host seems to
have decide to make me some misery ... well, last way will be to make
the test on a personnal one :))

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