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Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Fri Oct 28 15:32:11 GMT 2011

El 05/10/11 02:16, Nicolás Reynolds dijo:
> i'm putting this here to brainstorm a way to sync an arch mirror with this
> items solved:
> * get packages
> * don't get unfree packages
> * remove old packages
> * move packages between repos (ie [testing] => [core])
> in fact, mirror an arch mirror as it is minus the unfree packages.
> we have tested the following methods:
> 1. sync arch/repo/ => parabola/repo/, don't get unfree. Con: unfree packages
>    must be removed from package databases using repo-remove that leaves
>    a window of unfree packages showing up on the users end.
> 2. (current) sync arch/repo/ => parabola/staging/repo/ using the current pool
>    of packages for comparison and then locally move packages from staging to
>    the repos and databases. Pro: unfree packages never show up. Con: old
>    packages never leave the repo (repo cleaning caused the last repo break)
> ideas:
> * yours
> * use abs as canonical for arch/repo/ to parabola/repo/ syncing. Pro: full
>   control of what gets in the repo. Cons: a. abslibre is behind repos so we'll
>   be a day or two behind repos or we miss packages if the mirror is cleaned up
>   (most likely), solution: use svn2git, it's always up to date; b. costly if
>   not done right; c. not sure if it can be implemented quickly; 
> * get repo databases first, remove unfree, then sync arch/repo/ to
>   parabola/repo/. pros: always up to date, old packages removal is immediate.
>   con: how's pool management done? repos will be bigger (pool contains all
>   packages and repos contain symlinks to them, it's cheaper to move stuff
>   around).

I have been working a little on this last option. I have to do some tests yet.

I'll be uploading the code on dbscripts.git, sync-db-first branch

Nicolás Reynolds,
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