[Dev] Asking for support for a Parabola GNU/Linux-libre mipsel port

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Fri Oct 28 07:32:36 GMT 2011

> Hi! We currently have a few happy users, but our porting work is not yet
> complete, so if users need a particular software they either have to build it
> by themselves or ask us to do it. But I can say there's progress everyday, it's
> mostly in hack state :)

There are several packages like a JDK, GHC, SBCL, SWI-Prolog where it's
nontrivial to build or fix them to work on MIPS N32.  I used a gNewSense
chroot for Java or Haskell programming and maybe for OpenOffice.org.

> Also, this doesn't mean Parabola isn't useable at all, I for instance am
> running a quite stable XFCE desktop, and I even used the yeeloong to stream
> a conference (where I burn the audio card too, but that was another matter)[0].

KDE also works, with just few more errors than on x86_64.  (Although we
currently have a mix of 4.7.1, 4.7.2 and probably other versions; many
packages are not built.)

> Is there something in particular you need? So far we have found trouble with
> video playback and libreoffice build, but one of our devs did a few changes
> that will allow us to build O32 binaries where N32 results in unstable or
> unbuildable software.

More changes are needed for O32, since we don't have libraries for it
and all programs look for N32 libraries in paths where O32 libraries are
usually found.

The only video playback problem which I know is mplayer2 trying to use
OpenGL output, this can be easily fixed.  There is no
xf86-video-siliconmotion yet, so scaled video probably isn't playable

Currently Parabola is installed on mips64el by unpacking a tarball and
changing some configuration.  Updating the tarball would probably make
this easier and quicker, since there were many changes made later,
including the hda -> sda move.
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