[Dev] [issue216] [libretools] generate arch array in PKGBUILDs from separate files

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Fri Oct 21 04:51:47 GMT 2011

IMO we're thinking things too much. Can't we take a look at how Arch's doing
it? It seems to work for them...

El 18/10/11 09:55, Michał Masłowski (Parabola Issue Tracker) dijo:
> New submission from Michał Masłowski:
> Currently updating abslibre-mips64el requires manually merging PKGBUILDs with
> changed arch array to include mips64el.  I believe that storing this data in
> separate files can make this need less manual work and provide more information
> useful for packagers.
> For a package "foo" known to work on i686 and x86_64, known to not work on
> mips64el, unknown to work on sparc64 (just another architecture for the example)
> the following files should exist:
> - foo/PKGBUILD
> - foo/arch-i686
> - foo/arch-x86_64
> - foo/noarch-mips64el
> The content of arch-* and noarch-* files would be completely ignored by the
> tools, maybe with links to bug reports or information that the package is
> completely useless without specific hardware/software not available on that
> architecture in case of noarch-* for use by developers.
> libremakepkg could modify the PKGBUILD to include the line "arch=(i686 x86_64)"
> in the copy used by makepkg.
> The following algorithm could be used to change existing arch arrays:
> 1. add elements for arch-*
> 2. remove elements for noarch-*
> This would keep existing PKGBUILDs working and require only adding one line to
> mark it as working on mips64el.
> Separate noarch-* would make the distinction between packages not tried on
> mips64el and packages known to not work there (valgrind, most native code
> generators, etc) clear, making it easier for contributors to know if a package
> needs building on mips64el.  Removing the package directory from
> abslibre-mips64el currently can do the same, but it would be more complex if we
> supported more architectures.
> Since we build all packages for upload with libremakepkg (or fullpkg which uses
> libremakepkg) and it works well also for non-uploaded packages, I don't expect
> making PKGBUILDs not directly useful on mips64el without this tool to be a problem.
> I proposed this change initially on the IRC channel when discussing using a
> separate git repo for each package, or some way of branching to limit time spent
> on merging Arch changes.  It's possible that this issue can be done mostly
> separately and partially solve this problem without changing the repo organization.
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