[Dev] Fwd: mips toolchain update

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Sun Oct 9 08:30:02 GMT 2011

> 1. binutils


> 2. gcc

Failed, needs compiling again (with gcc-ada and gcc-go disabled).  I
won't do it before Monday.

2.5. libtool
> 3. binutils
> 4. glibc
> 5. check all packages with changed CFLAGS or LDFLAGS if they still need
>    this to avoid compiler errors

> Maybe we should also require newer kernel than 2.6.27 for glibc on
> mips64el?  I don't know what would this change.

Our gcc was making binaries using /lib/ld.so.1 for N32 and
/lib32/ld.so.1 for O32, while /lib is used elsewhere for O32 and /lib32
for N32.  Bug https://bugs.parabolagnulinux.org/bugs/issue213 describes
how this could be changed.  It would have two benefits: not needing the
/lib -> /lib32 symlink not provided in new chroots, and make multilib
support possible in future (e.g. to use Debian packages to compile
gcc-ada, openjdk or ghc).
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