[Dev] Fwd: mips toolchain update

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Sat Oct 8 07:54:35 GMT 2011

> list. subdomain doesn't redirect to lists.

I'll fix it later today.

>> mips maintainers: mtjm is currently working on migrating from glibc to eglibc
>> so we can upgrade the whole toolchain. this requires a couple days compiling so
>> stay tuned :P

I've built glibc-2.14-6, not eglibc.  I don't know any arguments for the
migration and glibc is known to work and be used on other architectures
in Parabola.

We need to build the following packages:
1. binutils
2. gcc
3. binutils
4. glibc
5. check all packages with changed CFLAGS or LDFLAGS if they still need
   this to avoid compiler errors

I'll compile binutils.  Do you want to compile gcc?

Maybe we should also require newer kernel than 2.6.27 for glibc on
mips64el?  I don't know what would this change.
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