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> Subject: [Bug-gnuzilla] GNUzilla future
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> Hello,
> as you have probably noticed, the GNUzilla development is going very
> slow and that is all my fault, I have become very lazy at it and
> honestly speaking I am afraid I have lost some on the initial interest I
> had.
> We have started as a completely free variant of Mozilla Firefox, and to
> some extent we have succeeded, I am not sure if this project had any
> influence but now Firefox, except for suggesting free addons/plugins is
> free software.
> Our goal now is slightly different, we aim to be a privacy oriented
> browser and offer users a better solution in that sense.
> I think the project deserves more than what I could offer lately and the
> TODO list at this point is quite big, is someone interested to
> contribute actively to its development or co-maintain it?
> Thanks,
> Giuseppe
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> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org

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