[Dev] gcc update status?

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Tue Nov 15 13:42:01 GMT 2011

El 15/11/11 02:06, Michał Masłowski dijo:
> > do we have a list of this packages?
> I made a new chroot with base, installation of many packages fails and
> it cannot be chrooted to.
> These packages certainly need rebuild:
> util-linux
> binutils
> bash
> coreutils
> There are many other packages using /lib32/ld.so.1 (running e.g. "objdump
> -sj .interp bin/bash" shows if bin/bash does), some are already outdated
> (like KDE 4.7.2), some will be in near future, so I don't consider
> rebuilding them now to be the best solution.
> We should normally update new packages using a chroot with /lib32 being
> a symlink to /lib (and with newest pacman and gcc, since these
> previously made new packages use lib32), and later check packages for
> files in /usr/lib32, /lib32 or for binaries using /lib32/ld.so.1 and
> rebuild them.

a breeze with fullpkg :D

i'll rebuild the ones from [core]

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