[Dev] repo sync script migration today

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Tue Nov 15 04:00:02 GMT 2011

El 14/11/11 02:23, Nicolás Reynolds dijo:
> i changed the sync script to db-sync today. everything went fine with [core]
> and [testing] during a week, but *of course* everything different on [extra]
> and [community] so i had to apply fixes on the sync script during the
> migration.
> i hope everything's fine now so if you had trouble updating, try syncing in an
> hour or so.
> if not, please ping me

ok it's finished! there're not broken symlinks[1], updates on my two i686
machines went well and there were no people complaining in the channel so
i think we're ok.

some notes:

* arch is using the repo/os/any/ dir again but just for [extra] and [community]
  so it messed up the logic of the update. i solved this by considering them
  part of the package pool, so they're updated along pool/packages and
  pool/community. if any other 'any' pool appears it has to be added manually.
  i'm considering making this a config option. you'll notice it's missing when
  some 'any' package is on package database but can't be retrieved from the

* currently none of the unstable/testing repos are synced (except for
  [testing]), either [multilib]. if they're needed they should be added on
  ~/dbscripts/config on the ARCHREPOS array

* db-sync is not a cronjob yet. there're two questions here: how often should
  it be ran? why crond isn't working? (i haven't checked if the daemon is
  running though)

* i tested a way to do pool cleanup at once. it involves making a list of
  available packages from all the available package databases and running rsync
  over the pool itself (pool/ => pool/) using --exclude=*
  --include-from=available-pkgs --delete-excluded. i'll make a script for this,
  to be run once a week or a month. i already removed 20gb in old packages.

[1]: find -L ~/public -type l

Nicolás Reynolds,
xmpp:fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar

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