[Dev] gcc update status?

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Mon Nov 14 20:29:06 GMT 2011

> How did the mips64el gcc update go? Is it safe for me to upgrade?

It's probably safe (I updated it on my system, or maybe only on the
chroot).  If you have gNS or another system still installed, it
shouldn't cause problems.

If you have /lib32 or /usr/lib32 symlinked to the non-32 directories,
pacman won't know this and will consider the update to replace files not
owned by other packages.  Running pacman -S --force glibc did not break
my system, the other packages affected probably are less necessary.

The /lib32 symlink is still needed, many programs specify /lib32/ld.so.1
as their linked.  Some packages put their libraries in /lib32 or
/usr/lib32, they will also be rebuilt.
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