[Dev] [issue213] [mips64el] use */lib32 instead of */lib for N32 ABI

Nicolás Reynolds (Parabola Issue Tracker) bugs at parabolagnulinux.org
Tue Nov 1 23:20:30 GMT 2011

Nicolás Reynolds added the comment:

We decided to use lib and not lib32 for n32 in the first place because the arch pkgbuilds for 
both arches assume you'll place current architecture libs in /lib. This makes writing pkgbuilds for 
several arches easier, since you don't have to use conditionals for packages that require to 
specify a libdir. (I just hit this one with liblockfile)

For multilib systems, what x86_64 does is to use lib32 for 32b libraries, hence the lib32- prefix 
in the package names.

I think we should evaluate how many things will break because of the pkgbuild assumption, 
though I'm not completely against having a multilib system when is not possible to have a n32 
package. I just assumed the o32 ABI would be our [multilib] repo for mips64el.

Mtjm has a valid point when he says changing to lib32 would allow us to use o32 packages from 
Debian/gNewSense when it's impractical to build for ourselves (in huge packages like libreoffice 
this is tempting). But I think it can be solved by having a chroot, thus avoiding mixing binaries 
from different package systems.

How many packages are known to not build or fail misserably on n32? webkit for sure, 
whatever depends on openjdk, ghc...

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