[Dev] [votation] parabola's moving out of goddady + domain hack

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Thu Dec 29 18:26:48 GMT 2011

>   * parabolagnu.org (cheap)

It has unoptimal length and might be restricted by the US.

>   * parabola.nu (30 euro / year)

I pronounce "gnu" and "nu" differently ("g" is not silent here), so
".nu" looks unrelated to it for me, but I don't consider this a
problem – we usually name the distro just "Parabola", and ".nu" could be
interpreted as a semantically useless suffix like ".org".

>   * parabola-g.nu (same as above)

Difficult to type or pronounce.

Thus, I vote for "parabola.nu".
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