[Dev] Current mozilla based libre browser

Henry Jensen hjensen at gmx.de
Fri Dec 23 07:56:08 GMT 2011


as you may have noticed the current version of GNU Icecat - 7.0.1 - is
two versions behind the upstream browser. The maintainer of GNU Icecat
has announced at
that the development of GNUZilla is "going very slow" (not to say that
it has stopped).

Because of this, in my opinion Icecat is not secure to use anymore. For
ConnochaetOS I decided to switch to Debians Iceweasel. Similar to
iceweasel-libre-lts I resolved the issues with suggesting non-free
plugins by adapting the patch from iceweasel-libre-lts.

The package name is iceweasel-libre-current. Yesterday I released
iceweasel-libre-current 9.0.1

Feel free to adopt the package for Parabola. The source package,
including the libre patch, is located at



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