[Dev] [issue292] Migrate to a free syslogd Was: [syslog-ng] man pages are nonfree

Michał Masłowski (Parabola Issue Tracker) bugs at parabolagnulinux.org
Wed Dec 14 13:22:05 GMT 2011

Michał Masłowski added the comment:

pacman should show a conflict between syslog-ng and your-freedom or ask to
replace it with metalog, it would be noticed by an user updating.  If no error
message is shown when an rc script is missing but specified in daemons, then
it's a separate bug.  (In any case, this is much better than having a kernel
panic after seemingly complete update and a reboot.)

When the man pages license is changed, we probably should keep metalog as
default logger on mips64el, since we don't know how to fix syslog-ng there.

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