[Dev] Update of web site code (parabolaweb)

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Thu Dec 1 13:13:41 GMT 2011

El 01/12/11 08:49, Johannes Krampf dijo:
> > At Wed, 30 Nov 2011 23:50:34 -0500,
> > Luke T.Shumaker wrote:
> >> OK, I got the old version working great with MySQL MyISAM. I have two
> >> comments about it:
> >>  * As far as I can tell, DEBUG needs to be true for /media to
> >>    work. WTF?
> You only have to set DEBUG to True if you use the integrated server
> (./manage.py runserver) for media to work correctly.
> On a real deployment you would use Django with wsgi and have your web
> server manage serving of static files.
> >> I then upgraded it to the Johannes'/my new version. This version is
> >> NOT ready to be deployed. Everything works great, except viewing a
> >> single package, for which it 500s. This does appear to be a bug with
> >> our code.
> The stacktraces look like bugs in the template markup which I have
> introduced when merging. I'll have a look at it this evening, thanks
> for your testing!

I'll summary changes we have done so far to rebrand the site:

* Change "arch ?linux" strings to "Parabola GNU/Linux-libre" (this is done in
  templates, site name should be used)

* Change "devs" for "hackers" (we like it more :P)

* Remove AUR mentions

* Download page redirects to wiki (easier to update)
* Add "flag as unfree" and "report bug" links to our bug tracker

Please check there's no downgrade in this areas 

Thanks for your work! 

Nicolás Reynolds,
xmpp:fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar

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"Freedom [...] is messy" ~ Eben Moglen
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