[Assist] [ASK] Installation Issue with "Error Retrieving Keys" Messages

Rémi Borfigat list at borfigat.org
Sun Nov 21 12:47:55 GMT 2021

Hi Ade,

I haven’t used the LXDE ISO to install Parabola before, so I only give 
you advices from what I could deduce from your message.

Le dim. 21 nov. 2021 à 15:52:42 (+0700), Ade Malsasa Akbar a écrit :
>    3. I changed the DNS into ones I tested to be working in its
>    /etc/resolv.conf.

Perhaps you could retry without this additionnal step. It’s a good idea 
to go with the defaults when fixing an issue.

>- Error messages:
>Multiple instances of "Error retrieving [...] via WKD: connection timed
>out" where [...] is email address of the owner of each key.
WKD is a method to retrieve OpenPGP keys from the domain name of an 
email address. So, based on this error, it could be either a problem 
with the Internet connection during the installation or a DNS error 
because name resolution can’t be carried out.

>Multiple instances of "Error reading key: Connection refused".
Again, same as my previous answer above.

>Multiple instances of red colored "ERROR: could not update key [...]"
>where [...] is an alphanumeric code.
Probably just the consequence of the previous errors. If you could fix 
the ones above, this should be cleared.

>- Question:
>How to solve this issue?
So, first, try to go with the default DNS settings of the ISO.

Then, try to check that the Internet connection works (if you can open a 
terminal in the LXDE ISO): 

# ping -c 3 www.gnu.org

Different approaches could be taken depending on the output of this 

>Thank you very much and please forgive me of my mistakes for I am a new
>member here.
No worries, these things are never easy.
Welcome aboard!


Rémi Borfigat

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